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Online Programs & Courses

Inspiring You to Learn and Grow 

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela

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Chakra Course Intro

Your Mindful Monthly Cycle

"Globally, more and more women are choosing to heal and restore balance through menstrual cycle awareness and education. Mindful menstruation can help you to heal all areas of your life, so you can journey back to your authentic, whole self. This really is a magical journey, and I too have had the most profound and healing realisations and transformations from this. I do hope you enjoy my easy going, self-paced program, and please do reach out if you need my assistance." - Rebecca

"I've learned so much about my cycle: what I need to be mindful of and supportive techniques for each of the 4 phases. Doing this course has radically changed my approach to my nutrition intake at different times of the month." - SC

"The program has already given me a sense of power in that I now know I am able to help myself through what are essentially simple changes in my life." - ES, 42

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