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Holistic Therapies, Classes & Workshops

"I have never felt so relaxed, so at peace and so loved! Your touch is incredibly healing and I'm really grateful to have found you."

- KS, Massage and Reiki

Investing in yourself is no longer considered a luxury, but a necessity. Our world is waking up to a better way of life which is lead by self-care practices and the art of letting go. No longer should we feel pressured into living in an 'on-the-go' state, 24/7. Self-compassion involves doing things that refill your cup, make you feel good inside and out, and help you to be the best version of yourself.

Rebecca offers 1-1 therapies such as Sound Healing, Massage and Reiki. that are heard-led, tailored to your individual needs and results focused. You will always get little takeaways to help you move forward with ease and an extra spring in your step!

Weekly Sound Healing Classes and Workshops with Rebecca are regularly held at Nurture Saddleworth.


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