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Chakra Awareness & Healing For Spiritual Growth

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In this transformational 8-day course, Rebecca will guide you on a journey through your own 7 Primary Chakras - from Root to Crown. You’ll learn more about the characteristics of each of them and how they relate to many aspects of your life choices, and mental and emotional health. The course provides many opportunities for self-reflection and spiritual growth. Each session concludes with a Guided Meditation with soothing Solfeggio Frequencies. This is a self-paced professionally recorded audio course with 8 sessions (no longer than 25 minutes each). All music is written and produced by Contemporary New Age artist, Lawrence Libert. More Information Over the course of thousands of years, different cultures of healers, practitioners and teachers have documented the Chakras. Some of the theories differ slightly, but when you look at them all as a collective, there are patterns and similarities that help us to realise there's a lost inherent wisdom within us all. Being open to discovering, as a believer or non-believer, is the key to connecting with your own lost wisdom. This is a holistic, heart-led course that is suitable for anyone aged 18+. It is based on the theories of the 7 Primary Chakras according to the Hindu-based system. Rebecca guides you through a modern and practical take on this system which means you can easily integrate the teachings into your everyday life. Those that have had any 1-1 coaching with me get free access.




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