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Earthing: An Essential Healing Practice

Do you ever feel yourself drawn to the beach, the forest or the mountains? This is your body’s wisdom calling out for what it needs to regain balance and harmony. Not only can we appreciate the beautiful scenery in the times when we are in those natural spaces, but we also feel the positive effects energetically, physiologically, emotionally and psychologically. Earthing is the antidote to our modern and often damaging way of life. When you explore it further, you’ll come to realise it is an obvious solution for many health issues and imbalances caused by our unnatural environments.

What Exactly is Earthing?

Earthing, also known as grounding, is a practice that involves a physical connection between you and the Earth, preferably in a natural environment. Examples are walking bare foot in the sand or grass, paddling in a river, or hugging a tree. When we do these things consciously, we can ‘tune in’ to our energetic connection with the Earth. This can be deeply healing and energising, and often has instant and long-lasting holistic benefits. If we connect with the Earth in this way unconsciously, we will feel some benefits for sure, but they won’t be as obvious and intense. This is where the practice of earthing or grounding comes in. See, we must practice things for them to become our default way of being. Most of us have the ability to create new neural pathways that override those could be damaging to our health. Earthing is an accessible and easy way to greatly improve health and well-being.

What are the Benefits of Earthing?

The practice of earthing is generally lacking in our modern day lives, where the overconsumption of media and overwhelming technology are interfering with our natural resonance and creating internal and external imbalances. Culturally, we also overwork, overdo and overthink. Earthing brings us clarity, perspective and greater peace of mind. It reminds us of who we are at the core – living, breathing creatures of the Earth.

Because earthing has a calming effect on the nervous system, it reduces stress and anxiety and encourages natural healing as cortisol levels drop and we enter a parasympathetic state. This then has a positive knock-on effect on all other systems of the body. It improves brain health, cardiovascular health, digestion, immunity, sleep, the list goes on.

Trees provide oxygen and clean the air, reducing the negative effects of CO2. Is it any wonder we are drawn to them? Trees breathe, the ocean breathes, the mountains breathe. When we are immersed in these outdoor spaces we are breathing with all life on Earth. We intuitively start to remember that we are part of it all and not separate. This is the concept of non-duality, which is not just a spiritual thing but a biological truth.

A Form of Energy Healing

Every living thing emits its own electromagnetic frequencies. When these frequencies are in order, we call this resonance. When they are is disorder, we call this dissonance. Many things can cause dissonance in our bodies and around our energy field. The Earth has electromagnetic frequencies that keep it (including us) alive and breathing. These frequencies create and sustain life. When our bare skin connects with the natural Earth, it is able to discharge tiny electromagnetic charges from negative sources, such as pollution and Bluetooth, that have built up in our body and energy field. Walking on tarmac, wearing synthetic shoes and clothing, and all the other manmade things block this from happening. So, earthing can also be detoxifying.

I am a big advocate for, and practitioner of, various types of energy healing. I’ve learned over many years, both personally and professionally, about the profound effects of energy healing and how underestimated these techniques are. It is most definitely the case that our culture has forgotten some inherent ‘truths’ that our ancestors were very much aware of and utilised throughout their day to day lives. One of those truths is the power of the Earth’s frequencies and how they relate to our healing.

How to Practice Everyday

We don’t always have the opportunity to go outside and walk bare foot on lush green grass or smooth sand. I often advise my clients and students to begin their day by looking at the sky (outside, not through the window) whilst mindfully connecting with their breath. Breath awareness is a simple beginners practice in yoga, mindfulness and stress management. Throughout the day, you can then come back to mindful awareness of your inhales and exhales as they move through your body. Be aware of the subtle sounds and sensations and the expansion in your body as you fill out your abdomen on the inhalation. This is enough to make you feel more grounded, present and calm in any given moment.

If you can, why not take advantage of the abundant opportunities to be fully present and connected to the natural environment. In doing so, you’ll discover the many advantages of being outside. Our physical senses are stimulated when we practice earthing, which reminds us how to feel into our everyday experiences and be more embodied. Being embodied means we are more grounded, present and connected to our lived physical experience. We are then less likely to get caught up in the mind, overthinking and attaching to things in the past.

Try this:

Instead of turning the TV on or scrolling on your phone in autopilot mode, go to a natural outdoor spot and stand on the ground in bare feet (mind your step of course!). Breathe fully and deeply and become immersed in the natural environment. Inhale deeply into the soles of your feet and you exhale, imagine your breath is travelling out of the soles of your feet into the Earth. Then imagine there are roots coming out, binding you to the Earth. These roots can be an energetic anchor, allowing you to consciously connect with the Earth’s subtle frequencies. Continue for ten breaths, then notice how you feel holistically (mind, body, emotionally, spiritually). This is just one version of the practice of earthing and there are many more to explore. The simple touch of a wildflower, a breath of fresh air or a long gaze up at the sky are all ways to ground yourself. The key is to be aware, present and connected. You will notice the difference in the feelings it brings compared to when you are not mindfully aware.

The ways to practice earthing are limitless. If you’d like to join one of my upcoming Earthing day retreats on the beautiful Welsh island of Anglesey, click here to find out more. This will be a fully guided experience to promote natural holistic healing in a natural environment, with Japanese inspired luxury foot treatments to end your day of bliss.

Rebecca Griffin is a VTCT Qualified Holistic Therapist and Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher.

Curiosity and openness provide a gateway to a more enriched way of life.


AI is never used in any of my blogs or in any content on this website.

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